Just posted this in a front page kos diary but thought I'd do a short diary on it especially after someone yesterday 'bit hard' on the spin about and was dully taken down while never changing that diary to the reality.

They've been jumpin on what Biden said in Charlotte since yesterday's, media especially but also the pols and parrots of, Biden speech, and thumpin their chests. Quickly made the local news reports with feedback from tepubs in NC, and only later was reported about the real bumpy flight into Charlotte and the quick reactions by the pilot to pull up because of a bad rainstorm hitting the area, another plane ordered to also pull out of landing, second try was some time after and went without a hitch. This morning I found out the same or similar happened as his plane returned to DC. A gaffe it was not especially in context of said speech:

This has been makin rounds on facebook today:

Now if I were Biden, especially, I'd take it and run with the facts about congress. Hell they do and now it wouldn't be a blatant attack, which they have no qualms in doing, on especially Ryan, one of the leaders in and also leading the obstruction, but the blanket truth.

Oh and add in state legislators who run on 'jobs' 'jobs' 'jobs', like the past midterms and did everything to attack labor and no 'jobs' legislation especially here in North Carolina and taking over the legislature!!

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