Okay people here's the deal.  A decent bit of the message that the media will convey about who won the debate tonight is influenced by the online polls on these media websites.  For example, if Drudge wants to claim that Romney won, and he has a poll on his site, chances are the poll will confirm it for him.  But if the polls go in Obama's favor, it changes the message.

So what I need you all to do is go to the sites in THIS google doc, look for polls after the debate, and VOTE!  Please provide additional sites and URL corrections in the comments, I will update the list as often as possible in the document.

Quoting from last year's effort by Kevinole:
THIS IS A NETROOTS EFFORT!  We need YOUR help, not simply to vote in these polls, but to help us find them!  If you came here expecting me to have already done all of the work for everybody and provide a list of links directly to online polls, I'm sorry to disappoint you.  I have no idea who is going to put up a poll or where they are going to put it. Besides, this is a gargantuan task.  I've done my best to provide a good starter list, but it's not perfect.  YOU need to find exact locations and give the rest of us updates.  This is a team effort!

Be patient! Not all of these sites put polls up right away.  Some do.  Some actually have them up during the debate. Some take an hour or more after the debate to put one up. Some may take several hours. Be patient. If you can't find a poll move on and check back.

Do what you can. I'm aware that looking for polls is a pain in the ass.  If you get tired or frustrated, come back later.  We should have a pretty substantial list ready for you to vote on. Get your friends and family to vote on them too.


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