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Another great poll I must say.  Trying not to post diaries every time a new poll comes out but this one is important.  Along with today's Missouri Senate poll, PPP is also making me smile with it's new Arizona Senate poll released today that has Democrat Dr. Richard Carmona beating Jeff Flake, 45-43:


Carmona leads with Independents, 52/37 advantage over Flake, and winning 14% of Republican voters.  Flake only gets 7% of Democratic voters.  The poll also shows Mitt Romney beating Barack Obama by nine points and shows both Jan Brewer and John McCain's approval ratings improving.

Now, PPP does offer this cautionary message in it's latest poll:

There are still reasons to think this race could shift back in Flake's favor. The 12% of voters who are undecided prefer Mitt Romney over Barack Obama for President by a 58/37 margin, so there's reason to think they might end up breaking toward Flake in the end. Also Arizona voters would generally prefer that Republicans be in control of the Senate rather than the Democrats by a 50/40 spread. That Carmona leads anyway is a function of him being superior to Flake as a candidate, but that still leaves open the possibility that if Republicans can effectively nationalize the election Flake's standing will improve.
Luckily, the DSCC is pouring money into this race and this poll confirms why.  All Carmona needs to do is convince the undecideds that he is the right choice for the U.S. Senate, especially on veterans issues, even if they want the Senate to be in the GOP's control.  With powerful ads like this one from the Carmona campaign, he might be able to just do that:

According to Politico, Carmona has raised over $2.2 million this quarter:


Flake has been calling up his Club Of Growth buddies to help him buy this Senate race.  Flake thinks he can win by just filling the airwaves with negative ads trying to tie Carmona to Obama.  Well I say lets help Dr. Carmona, a decorated war hero and former Surgeon General become Arizona's first Latino Senator:


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