Welcome to Top Comments tonight, for our Debate Watch Party! I was not interested in writing an essay tonight, and I suspect most Kossacks aren’t that interested in reading an essay tonight. My night is all about the debate, watching our champion against ... their candidate. I am deeply impressed with how important this campaign is for the success of all of our down-ticket candidates, as well. I’m looking forward to a big night!

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From Tamar:
A real "snap!" comment by Crystal Eyes. Perfectly tuned.
From ColoTim:
This by eXtina is the entry I wish to nominate, but to do it real justice you should take DrTerwilliker's comment before it and then this one. Just glad I wasn't drinking anything.
From blue aardvark:
In Kos' diary about re-introducing Romney, Gooserock shows how meta memes can suddenly turn against their friends and become enememes!
From voracious and Railfan:
I was just innocently sipping coffee when I clicked on llbear's response to my snarky reference to Ryan math. I can't stop laughing.
From EddieC:
In the fun views Swing State Babies by mjbleo is mjbleo's reply You are absolutely correct in your assessment, showing Romney having no fun at all.
From Cedwyn:
Debate fun, by Publius Cornelius Tacitus.
From tonight's host:
This comment by Trix really skewers Todd Akin!

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