It wasn't about you, the progressive activist, the political junkie, sitting there on the couch with the pennant that says "Democrats" on it...it was about those people who haven't made up their minds yet.


The Undecideds®

One thing about The Undecideds® is this: they absolutely hate conflict. They are a funny species.

They cannot stand when politicians argue about anything. ANYTHING. So why was our man so very mild? He knew it.

He knew that the woman on NPR this morning who said that both candidates seemed nice and that they both offended her only a few times doesn't want an unkind word among them. They want explanations in calm language. Not zingers or dingers or ding-dongs or any other delicious Hostess pastries.

But that's not what WE want!! We want cannon volleys and damn the torpedoes!!! With lot's of these !!! scattered every where!!!!!!

But it's not about YOU, with the Occupy button on your chest and the quick retort for anyone who says an unliberal word. It's about them. As soon as you realize that, the more you will relax. Watch the polls: the President looked Presidential, and while Mitt used fancy techniques, he was agressive and at times, rude.

So take heart! The next debate will show off O's ability to connect and The Undecideds® just might or maybe, who knows, they could have made their decision by then. Or not.

11:12 AM PT: This is what I'm talking about! These are mushy voters regarding the debate:

The starkest difference between the two candidates was in their likeability.  Eight in 10 respondents gave President Obama high marks for coming across as likeable and down to earth, while very few felt that way about Governor Romney.  The President came out with a distinct advantage over Romney on the important trait, “caring about people,” and respondents were much more likely to give Obama credit for being honest and truthful in discussing the issues.

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