Today I saw the whole debate and as an outsider (though with an Obama-bias) I can't understand the feeling that Romney was a Winner.

True, Obama looked a bit tired, sometimes it gave a feeling like he's got more important things to do (like run a country). But the irony is that he gave me a feeling of being a realistic CEO, talking truthfully to the Board of Directors about his failings and accomplishments running USA Ltd. He shows the problems and his plans to deal with them. They may not be nice, but they'll be fair.

Romney was erratic, too hyped, the fatal combination of a used-car salesman and a politician who thinks like a robber-baron and zealot. Like the Magician's apprentice believing that his magic want (and personality) will make his fantasies come true.

Why the T'ai Chi-master? While learning the moves, I was told about deflecting by using your opponents energy. Trying to create a balance in your stance, anticipating where the flow will lead you. Keep an open mind, but stay centered. As I was told: 'At the moment of your death you'll know how much you still have to learn".

Obama in this debate gave me that 'Yoda'-feeling, a person trying to be true (no human is perfect) to his being. He may not be perfect, but that's something he knows about himself. He didn't try to be a showman, wasn't shouting down from the pulpit, but kept his cool and his message. It made the contrast only starker...

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