Mitt Romney told a lie in the debate last night that could conceivably have the same resonance as the "47 %" comment. People are starting to react and to be outraged at the baldfacedness of it.

It;s pretty simple to understand, it affects millions of people and it literally is a life and death situation.

"I do have a plan that deals with people with pre-existing conditions. That's part of my health care plan"
I diaried about this this morning and I am happy to see that many many others are picking up on the incredible arrogance about lying about a topic many care so passionately about. (I'm not implying cause and effect. My Diary passed completely unnoticed )

I will repeat a comment that I made in another thread that is actually a shorter and better summary of what I diaried:

Number 1. he doesn't have a health plan since he advocates a patchwork of 50 state plans with little or no government oversight or regulation.

Number 2. The non-existent pretend plan that he does have does nothing but Encourage, Promote, Empower, etc it doesn't actually DO anything.

Number 3. The pre-exisiting condition protection it does advocate is exactly what is in place NOW - guaranteed issue if you have uninterrupted coverage. But no one says it has to be affordable and it does NOTHING for anyone who has a pre-exisiting condition but who has interrupted coverage.

People will DIE under Romney's plan. People will LIVE under Obamacare.

How happy am I when I see this being a major topic of discussion on Hardball tonight?

How about this from Huffington?

Romney Pre-Existing Conditions Health Care Plan Doesn't Match Obamacare OR Romney care

So, tonight I feel reassured that despite Romney's short term "victory" in last night's debate - it may turn out to be a Pyrrhic victory and that we will prevail in the long haul.



 Well, it is coming back to bite him and good. From TPM:
Romney Adviser Gives Up The Ghost On Pre-Existing Conditions

After the first presidential debate at the University of Denver in Colorado on Wednesday night, one of Mitt Romney’s top advisers acknowledged that, as a result Romney’s plan to repeal Obamacare, people with pre-existing medical conditions would likely be unable to purchase insurance.

The admission directly contradicts the GOP candidate’s claim during the debate that “pre-existing conditions are covered under my plan” — a contention Romney has repeated on the trail and that his campaign has repeatedly walked back. (bold added)

So he is a consistent liar about this point. He has repeated this charade on the campaign trail and his campaign has walked it back repeatedly and yet he persists in saying it.  Mitt Romney knowingly and repeatedly lies to the American public concerning his healthcare "plan" on a subject that is literally life and death to millions of Americans. Case Closed.


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