The Affordable Care Act mandates free contraception. In a study in St. Louis of 9000 women (15-45 years old) given free IUDs, researchers found a reduced abortion rate of 1-75 to 1-135 participants.

Additionally, and even more important in my eyes is the following reduction in TEEN MOTHERHOOD

Among teen girls ages 15 to 19 who participated in the study, the annual birth rate was 6.3 per 1,000 girls, far below the U.S. rate of 34.3 per 1,000 for girls the same age.

Several factors contributed to the declines, he argued. First, a large majority of the women in the study were encouraged -- and chose -- to use intrauterine devices, or IUDs, and hormonal implants over more commonly used birth control pills.
Because birth control pills require strict adherence, and people forget to take them, that method fails about 8 percent of the time. IUDs and implants are over 99 percent effective.

Second, program enrollees included high-risk populations like women and girls who’ve already used abortion services once -- and are more likely to have a second abortion -- and women and girls who are economically distressed and may not have means to obtain contraceptive products and services.

That’s important because an IUD, including the device and the physician’s service to place it in the uterus, can cost between $800 and $1,000. Since an IUD lasts at least five years, it saves money in the long run over a monthly cost of roughly $15-$25 for pills, but the up-front charge is prohibitive for many women.

Now that that horrid debate is over, let's talk about the BIG ISSUES!!!!

The results were more dramatic than expected and will be published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.


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