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   Good October evening, fellow venthooligans! I got back from the beach last night, every day was warm and sunny. September and October are great months there, I think that was a big reason my parents retired early, to have that time there.
    I was the only Pole dancer last week, and picked 3 of 5 each. I even resorted to sending Kosmail begging for someone to dance with me. Am I too dense, or Thick as a Brick, nobody wants to dance with me?? I'll give it a shot this week, and what will be will be.

UCLA @ Cal
LSU @ Florida
Georgia @ South Carolina
West Virginia @ Texas
Nebraska @ the Ohio State

Eagles @ Steelers
Packers @ Colts
Ravens @ Chiefs
Seahawks @ Panthers
Chargers @ Saints

   OK, CraigyFerg stuff. Guests tonight are Roseanne Barr and Keke Palmer. Let Keke be a surprise!

Here's what Craig was up to last night. I hope. Nope, have to settle for his appearance on the View:

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