Remember the Etch A Sketch? How Romney's guy admitted they planned on flip flopping his way to the middle? Romney is in mid shake as he hopes to wipe away the ultra-conservative image he crafted earlier in order to appeal to independent voters.

There are many examples of it during the debate, but he just gave a huge gift to the Obama campaign by delivering the most clear and high profile example imaginable. He has finally admitted that his 47% remarks were wrong. Obama must take advantage of this and here's how.

Obama needs to run an ad that is very simple. First, establish Romney's 47% remarks:

Then, show him doubling down:

Then, show Ferhnstrom describe the Etch A Sketch process:

Then, finally, show the retraction:

This will clearly explain Romney's flip flop, and that it was planned. Not only that, but since it uses their own words, it's a much more convincing argument than having a voice over.


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