I'm torn. Is Mitt Romney a game show host or a used car salesman?

Clearly, he is an effective actor. He isn't a real president, although he can play one on TV.

Today I was stunned to find exuberant Facebook posts from old high school chums who rabidly support Romney. One of my former pals graduated from Duke University. Others have equally impressive resumes. These aren't uneducated people.They had all the advantages of good families, good nutrition, and good schools.

How can otherwise intelligent, contributing members of our citizenry be so blinded by Romney's endless lies, fact-fudging and history rewriting? How do they reconcile the notion that we can dispose of education, nutrition, and safety-net medical care for one and all? Where is compassion in the discussion?

Perhaps they have grown insulated from reality by their financial successes. They don't have macaroni and cheese in their kitchen cabinets.

Tell me how to reach these people I once thought I knew well. Help me find a way to open their eyes. Help me tear down the noise machine and unmask Romney.

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