Just today, I have learned from ex-GE CEO, Jack Welch, this bit of important information that I was previously unaware of (ooh I ended that with a preposition, my grammar teacher would be pissed).

Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can't debate so change numbers

I didn't know that the administration could influence the BLS unemployment report!

We all know that the CEO class is really super smart and genetically superior to us all. That's why they are so rich, right! So, Lord Welch must be correct, and he would know a little somtin' 'bout cookin' books.

Silly me, I thought these data, while not representing the full universe, were collected in a scientific manner and represent a statistically significant sample. I thought, silly me, that they were reported in a scientific and transparent manner, with methods described. Boy was I stooped.

So then, I got to thinking, and now I AM MAD at this administration. Find out why below the squiggly


If the administration can cook the BLS books, then what the hell have they been doing for the last 3+ years? I am sorry Mr. President, but you are getting a major F in cooking the books 101. I mean just last month, you allowed the BLS to publish information that was harmful to the perception of job growth in this country. Why the hell did you do that?

If the BLS report is all Bullshit with a capital B, then what the hell is going on? If I am getting fed bullshit, then I want me some prime-grade, organic, grass-fed bullshit, not this mamby pamby mass produced shit you can buy at Walmart for 3 pennies. I don't want cheap bullshit made in China, I want some big old Texas style bullshit!

Now, I am speaking to you directly, whoever you are in the Obama Administration that is responsible for producing jobs report bullshit, I WANT A BULLSHIT UNEMPLOYMENT RATE OF LESS THAN 3%, got that? Figure it out, you have had more than three years to get us to a Bullshit unemployment rate of less than 3%, what the hell have you been doing!

Now I got a bone to pick with Mayor Rahm Emanuel's staff too, since Sir Jack of Welch pointed directly to the "Chicago guys". Double goddammit! You mean to tell me the shit statistics that are coming from my home town are all Bullshit too, and these are the "guys" responsible for all bullshit! What.the.fuck.

OK Obama Administration and, more specifically, you "Chicago Guys", you get a pass, because until now I was unaware of your bullshitting capabilities. That's over now, so on next month's job report, I expect to see some serious Bullshit, or you are all getting F's


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