My husband and I are currently sitting in a brewery in our hometown of Athens, GA.  We have a swanky deal - we set up our registration table, and we get counted as "volunteers" and get free beer in a plastic cup.

So far we've registered five voters.  We had a former state senator come up and thank us, his friend testing us by saying he was going to vote "hardcore Republican!"  (Georgia has no voter party registration.)  

The voter ID law changes have made this trickier than in years past.  Instead of shouting downtown on street corners for hours on end, we need a stationary place.  We have a laptop so folks can check and see if they are registered already (or log in and grab a power bill if they have an out of state driver's license.)  We have a multi-function printer to copy licenses as necessary, as well as print those power bills out.

So far we're up to seven registrations, and quite a few "so where do I vote?" and "am I already registered?" questions.

And many more people have stopped by to thank us for what we are doing.

I'll be back soon - I'm going to grab another beer.

4:22 PM PT: Husband gave someone the wrong address to the county board of elections and has now dashed off to try to find him.  My directions play best to this crowd: Right across the street from Copper Creek Brewery.  I tell them to go vote early, and then treat themselves to a beer.

4:39 PM PT: Husband found pizza outside!  Another person asked to verify her registration, and she's good to go. Whoever thought of the Georgia My Voter Page (MVP) deserves a bonus.

4:56 PM PT: The taps are cut off.  That means more people are wandering inside.  Our liaison with the brewery just warned us they're closing up shop.  It was a fun two hours, and my husband will be back again tomorrow night for their Octoberfest party.

6:52 PM PT: Annnd after a nice dinner at the locavore hangout Heirloom Cafe (where we met two wonderful pugs whose owners were also dining there) we're home.  Short diary and drive, as it turns out, but tomorrow should be vastly more epic as we return for their big fall festival!

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