I see there has been a diary about Ann Romney co-hosting GMA this coming week. Well that's not obvious or partisan.

I have gotten into the habit of watching the ABC evening news, especially since the local ABC station seems to be a little bit (we are talking micro- here) more geared to real news than the other smarmy infotainment, "Bart's People" sort of "news" we get here in Denver. It's good background noise for when I'm getting dinner ready.

In fact, this past year, ABC gave some coverage to climate change. I'm not sure if any of the other networks did...I OD on the MSM easily, and I get upset and can't sleep. But I digress.

Now, this week I hear that Ann Romney is co-hosting GMA? I've never heard of a candidate's wife doing this before, and as was pointed out in the above-mentioned diary, it probably is illegal. As a guest on one of those shows, I don't have a problem. As a host....Well, whatever. Maybe she'll hit us with some more "you people" remarks. I just don't appreciate that she gets free airtime to be a campaign ad (no matter how repulsive) for Mittens.

Then Thursday night, Diane Sawyer played along with all of the MSM in trashing Obama's performance in the debate...I believe there was a big "What Happened?" graphic. Again, I have low expectations of TV "news," but it still rankled a bit.

Last night was the icing on the cake, though. First up: Jobs numbers. What's this? Investigating the story? With this piece?

(Sorry, I tried to embed, but am still slightly Kos impaired. And I was not able to get a transcript yet).

What I want to know is where the frazz was the fact-checking/investigation of Mitt's dozens of lies in the debate? Don't they know how to work the Google over at ABC? Argh! I guess fact-checking Mitt doesn't work into the Obama-bashing meme. And Jack Welch's dog-whistles. I've had to conclude that "Chicago" is a code word for black.

As if this wasn't enough, though, then I see that George Stephanopoulos is having Bill O'Reilly on as his guest Sunday? That's it...my brain just short-circuited. I'm writing an angry letter shaking my fist at a cloud, but I had to vent here.

It's not a secret that Disney/ABC and the rest of the MSM is conservative, but this is ridiculous. Thanks for listening.

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