"Mitt Romney was a disappointment with his nearly gaffe-less and mostly truthful performance."

A couple days later and I am still trying to get over Mitt Romney telling Jim Lehrer that he would cut funding for PBS.  For those who do not know, the part that I am trying to wrap my mind around is that Jim Lehrer is the host of the well-known PBS program, News Hour.  In effect, Mitt Romney told the Presidential Debate Moderator that he would fire him.  Then, of course, there is the Sesame Street comment for me to ponder.  I am not surprised about anything Romney says, after all his mouth is not connected to his brain.  Nevertheless, I am still amazed at how far Romney’s mouth will go.    

Outside of his PBS statement, Romney did a better job than I thought he would in the debate—meaning that he didn’t stutter and was prepared to answer questions.  This is rare for Mitt, as he usually stutters when answering questions that concern the public, which I think is because he fears what his mouth might say.

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