Always remember, the Romney path to victory is - just be the anti-Obama, don't get specific, and everything will be fine.

Well, life doesn't always cooperate, so there are lots of plan B's to that strategy:

"OK, so I disdain half of the American public, and got caught off-tape - where I didn't think anyone could find out - saying so.  If I say that was wrong it will just go away."

"I spent months telling everybody I'm going to enact a $3 trillion tax cut for the wealthy, but if I say I didn't, then I didn't say it."

"I rushed out to take political advantage of a tragic assassination of the US Ambassador to Libya, I doubled down on the mistake, but I'll just blame the attack on the Obama administration."

and now...

"I know the unemployment rate is down to 7.8%, but if I just make up my own number at 11%, then that will be the real unemployment rate and 7.8% will magically just disappear."

Welcome to Romney Campaign Fantasyland...

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