It is very difficult for honest people to understand an habitual liar.  That faslehoods can flow so effortlessly from a person's mouth seems incomprehensible.  So, well-intentioned people think to themselves that perhaps they were mistaken or simply mis-understood what was being said. Not to mention that people really hate being lied to.

But, habitual liars are exactly what trigger our periodic economic and social collapses. Because, of course, societies depend on being able to credit what other people say and do.

Perhaps the only benefit of having Willard in the spot light is that we get to closely inspect one of the lying creatures that engineered our most recent financial collapse.

Warning: There's 20 minutes of Mitt the Lout.

I confess that I can't decide what to call the fellow. Maybe I should do a poll?


What is the most accurate moniker for Willard Romney?

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