Hi all--

I haven't been around much; as many of you know, looking for a job is oftentimes more work than a real job, and this is how I spend my days.  Or most of my days.  The other part is occasionally saving kittens.  

Hence my adoption plea for those living in the NY/NJ metro area (but I will consider driving for the right person)

This is Pearl (who has adjusted beautifully to apartment living):


and her sister, Ava (who is shyer but will accept lap-sitting upon occasion):


At the time I rescued them, I had an adopter interested in them, but after I did all the work, which includes their basic medical care, they had moved on.  These kittens are between 10-12 weeks old, are FeLV negative and have had their first rounds of vaccines, deworming and treatment for fleas and other pests.  They eat well, have great litterbox manners and are good comanions for each other.  While Pearl is more of a people-person, Ava is breath-takingly lovely and extremely curious, which makes for entertaining times.

Normally, I'd try and handle all of this locally, but having been in touch with every rescue group within 40 miles, dealing with a sick relative and my own long-term unemployment, this project has taken all my energy and nearly my last dime.

What I'd like love, aside for a Kossak to leap forward and say "I want them now", is suggestions from those who've been involved with rescue.  Maybe I've missed an avenue and I'd love your help and suggestions.  

Thank you in advance to the most compassionate community on the internets.

(Did I mention they're good with other cats, dogs and gentle humans?)


A Quick Update:

REC LIST?  Thank you!

I did want to add that I have been helped by a local, New Jersey rescue orgainzation, Companion Animal Placement.  CAP does so much to help rescue animals and keep up the help of local feral colonies--they truly are angels.  

If the spirit moves anyone, you can make a donation through here:



I am now convinced this community can solve nearly every worry.  If all meetings go well and personalities work, I think I've found homes for my little rescues.  Of course, the adopters are Kossaks!  

And, should things not work out, you've given me so many wonderful tools, contacts and good ideas.  Additionally, thank you to everyone who has offered to subsidize the kits, you are seriously amazing.  Luckily, I think we've got it covered.

Thank you all again.  I don't have the language to share what today's diary and its response means to me.



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