Who knows why he did it? Zinger? Ad lib? Piss off Jim Lehrer?

Doesn't matter. Mitt Romney's little toss-off has ignited a serious firestorm among America's most-scrutinized consumers, little giants among meme-movers: the rug rats. If you think preschoolers don't have an outsized influence on their parents' choices, well, you've never seen them in action.

What's more delicious, congressional Republicans couldn't help bragging about how they've been trying to kill Big Bird for years.

Santorum's serving suggestion was pure lagniappe.

I imagine there are those who think (or hope) the giant avian "trend" is last week's news, that the Republican's fatwa on felt has blown over.

They need to get out more, meet a few five-year-olds. . .

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