I dropped into Raw Story, which I often do because the conversations are lively there. Raw Story posters are smart and funny. Management does not moderate real people or real language out of existence. They even let the Trolls live and be well. Trolls are fun. I saw this and started laughing. I am not sure giving up crying for laughing is a good thing. Doing both is probably a good thing but it does make you feel kind of odd.:


Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday opened a meeting of Roman Catholic Church leaders from around the world to debate how to counter rising secularism on the 50th anniversary of the momentous Second Vatican Council.  
There have always been agnostics and atheists in the pews. They come for the community experience. Secularism is not harming the church. The Roman Catholic hierarchy are harming the church. I do not know why they think this conference will help. The RCC actively discourages telling the truth and they excommunicate or demote any theologian, like Hans Kung, who points to reality.

The RCC can always tell you who is to blame for their decline. It is the Gays' fault. No, it is the children's fault. No, it must be secularism. It must be my fault because I left your church when I was 13 and so did every other sane Catholic kid. We all know the RCC is never to blame. Never.

I tell you now what the problem is, Old Men. It is the kiddy raping and kiddyraper aiding and abetting, stupid Poop. It is trashing Gay folks. It is the Magdalen Laundries. It is prohibiting condoms in Africa. It is promoting Cardinal Law. It is the sad and sickening sexual dysfunction. It is your SIN, you dumbass Perverts.

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