In any sane electoral system, this video would be absolutely devastating for Romney (or should that be 'eviscerating'?). Under the present system, it's just business as usual.

(H/T to Kossack @RoughAcres who alerted me to this video in THIS DIARY, which is well-worth reading)

Nonetheless, watching the whole front-bench of the Republican Party--from the frothing cadres of wingnuttery led by Huckabee to the staid and careful diehards of douchebaggery exemplified by McCain--tear strips off Romney is deeply amusing.

They appear to hate Romney even more than they hate President Obama. Check it out:


continued beneath the Boehner Orange® hairball of Republican barfworthiness

Watching Gingrich calmly call Romney a 'liar' on national television is almost as much fun as watching Donald 'To Baldly Go...' Trump unload on Mitt, calling him an incompetent whose term as Governor was a failure.

Less than a year later, these same Republicans are telling the US public that Romney is damn near perfect; that once elected, Romney will sprinkle his Magic Bain Dust® on the economy and 12 million jobs will instantly self-deport themselves from China back to the US.

So, what changed? Oh, yeah...Romney won the party's nomination.

I'll say one thing for the Republicans: they've taken to multitasking like hogs to mud; they can lie, deny your grandmother healthcare, damage the country's credit-rating, betray veterans, crawl to billionaires, deny young people education, ship US jobs to China and pick your pocket all at the same time.

Color me impressed...but not in a good way.

It's high time this party of crooks, flunkies, shills, errand boys, cheats, liars, hypocrites, nutjobs, bigots, racists, misogynists and anti-Americans becomes no more than a distant and unpleasant memory.

You know when your dog gets hit by skunk-spray? You give your dog a bath; then another; then maybe another; and that awful smell mostly goes away. But even a week later, there's a faint, barely detectable residue of skunk stink. But in time, that fades too.

I want the Republican Party to be like that smell.

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