Once upon a time, children were taught young how to handle and use guns and rifles, how to respect
them. Teachers and public schools were considered to be the backbone of America. When you didn't
agree with your government, you could discuss it with them, be listened to, and maybe make changes in how it was run. Family values were an important part of life, a man's word was his honor! Over time somehow, we were gaslighted. All of these things have become evil. Reality was changed for us, values have been changed for us. Our freedom? We were gaslighted in to giving that up too. Unions, they once had held employers responsible and honest, kept all people earning a decent wage for hours worked, now they are considered evil. As all of this has slowly occurred it has been to the detriment of our whole being as a nation. We are now hated by other nations as the mean playground bullies, the liars, the cheats. THIS is the reality that we have been given instead! If we do not like it and we want to protest, well, that is no longer allowed either. Protest means independent thinking, which will get you a jail sentence.

The term “gaslighting” comes from a 1944 movie, “Gaslight”, also called “Angel Street”, in which a
psychopathic husband tries to drive his wife insane. One of the methods that he uses is to change the level of the gaslights in the house while denying that there has been any change. The wife ends up almost totally dependent upon her husband to tell her what is real and what is not, believing him
despite clear clues that he is lying. Wikipedia defines gaslighting as “A form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt their own memory and
perception” They add that it could be by denial, and even by staging bizarre events with the intent of
disorienting the victim. Joshua Kennon at joshuakennon.com adds to the definition to require INTENT, a willful desire to manipulate others. Deliberate manipulation to create a false reality that is then used to control the victim.

Gaslighting is normally associated with personal relationships as a form of abuse. The gaslighter
manipulates information and even physical surroundings to make the victim confused, and then denies that anything has been done. This is done in an effort to force their will upon the victim without resistance. The victim will begin to doubt themselves, question their own sanity, and slowly, lose their sense of reality. The gaslighter is often a strong and assertive personality. They will impose a new reality beneficial to their own cause on to the victim. Few things are presented as they truthfully are, often being presented as directly opposite of what they actually are. The mind, being quite primitive in functioning, is quite easy to manipulate if one is unaware. Once the mind has been confused, the more perplexed it has become, and then the less able it is to recover from it, manipulation becomes simple. The mind wants to feel secure, so when it is perplexed it will grasp for answers, not bothering to consider if those answers make sense or not. In this state, reality can be erased and a new reality imposed. The more this happens, the weaker the mind becomes. The mind will even ignore incongruity and common sense, rationality falls away, and the person becomes dependent on the gaslighter, even overlooking hypocrisy and deception. Gaslighting can cause very painful psychological effects. Victims become anxious, depressed, confused, demoralized, and this can lead to personal disintegration, self- destruction, and even suicide. Mental functioning can regress and become childlike.

Americans have become the victims of political gaslighting. We, as a nation, are being deceived by
our government, media, and even churches. We have been deceived in to a needless war, squandering national wealth, destroying national relations and neglecting our own wellbeing. Dr. Bryant Welch in his book, “State of Confusion” tells us that America is rapidly becoming a nation psychologically unable to confront its problems. Gaslighting has altered the way that Americans think, feel and act and this has been nothing less than an assault on the American mind. Dr. Welch tells us that it is quite difficult to reason with victims because they are clinging tightly to that reality that someone else has given them. The more irrational the thinking, the more rigidly they defend it. They would rather fight than to consider any other reality. The mind becomes so dependent that it looks past any obvious, severe flaws, especially from a charismatic leader type. Irrational loyalty emerges. When distortions are confronted by another, victims want to shoot the messenger rather than consider that their reality has been falsely altered, and they will become angry. According to Dr. Welch, gaslighting occurred in post 9/11 America when our ability to detect political manipulation due to the fear and confusion caused us to fall out of synch by blindly accepting the Bush reality. Dr. Welch points out two general prototypes of political gaslighters. The “authoritarian” typically stays out of the public eye, is manipulative and psychological coercive. These are the powers behind the scenes that exert enormous control often without leaving their fingerprints. Personality profiles often show childhood abandonment, family secrets and social ostracism. Many have a history of not being well liked and show grandiosity. The second prototype is called “paradoxical”. These he describes as beguiling, clever, deceptive, possibly small in stature and usually underestimated.

As our technology grows, so does our exposure to gaslighting. Gaslighting was once considered
basically a personal relationship issue, but as the ability for widespread communication increases, so
does exploitation. Propaganda has always topped the list of methods for mental manipulation. Be
careful about what you expose yourself to! Believe only in what you can prove. Our world is changing
at an amazing pace, and this pace can cause the mind to become confused and weakened. We are
bombarded by manipulation, and especially advertising, which is nothing more than even stronger
manipulation. The weaker our minds have become, the easier the bombardment of exploitation can take hold by those that wish to impose their will and reality upon the unsuspecting.

As a nation, we are being “dumbed down”. We are being taught to be nothing more than little parrots, regurgitating the exact phrases that we are taught. Questioning is becoming outlawed, as is critical
thinking. ”No Child Left Behind” is a prime example of this! It limits learning to nothing but what
children will have to put on “ the test”. Little parrots spitting out the proper phrases that will get them a good grade on a test. No thinking, no questioning, just repeat these words. How to think is being
replaced by what to think and what to say.

Have you noticed the quality of television programming? More dumbing down. Watch, absorb, but do
not think! Just. Keep. Watching. Zombified! More weakening of our minds. News? Nope, THAT is
NOT news. More mental manipulation. Want a real eye- opener? Look up who owns media. Go to
church lately? Religion is being used as yet another method of manipulation, do as you are told, believe what you are told to believe, do not question.

Why is this “dumbing down” happening? Gaslighting works only when the intended victim does not
question. Why are odd chemicals being allowed in to our food, our water and our air? Chemicals
deteriorate the mind. Pharmaceuticals are quite literally being shoved down our throats at an alarming
rate (and of course, with enormous price tags). Pills have the same effect, especially anti- depressants, pain killers, anything to keep the mind calm and dumb. These are slowly deteriorating our thinking as well as our minds and bodies. BUT, there is another pill for that! We do not question, we just swallow. Do we even want to know what our cellphones and computers are doing to our brains? Do what you are told, do not think, do not question, and, have another pill. After all, would WE lie to YOU? Of course we have your best interests at heart, you can trust us! And if we repeat something enough times, your medicated, dumbed down, confused mind will eventually accept it as fact no matter how outrageous it is. You are too medicated and dumbed down to check it out for yourself anyways.

Government, corporations, media, they all have the same goal. They are the puppeteers of America.
They are the masters of manipulation, and they all profit from the gaslighting of America! After
citizens are dumbed down, they can change your reality in order to benefit themselves. Gaslighting is
not done by mentally stable people. Mentally stable people have no desire to control or manipulate.
Thinking and questioning are not a threat to them. They are not hateful and do not wish to harm anyone. They do not have to lie or deceive, there is no reason.

Gaslighting can only work on people who do not question, who do not think for themselves. Victims
have to be made mentally weak and unsure of themselves. It can happen to anyone under the right
conditions though! If a person has been through trauma, or is exhausted, heavily stressed, they are
mentally weakened in this state. Any mentally overwhelming events can leave even the strongest
person vulnerable. Always question everything, even if it comes from someone that you trust! Keep
you mind strong and functioning normally. Do not believe anything without your own proof, find
answers for yourself, do not accept anything from media of ANY type. Beware of strong, assertive
personalities, especially during times of stress. When in doubt, check it out. Trust your own judgment, instincts. Avoid advertising! Trust your own facts and mind.

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