The Monterey Canyon Averages 5,000 Feet Deep, But There Is Nothing Average About This Canyon.

I lived at the very tip of the Monterey Peninsula in Pacific Grove, California for about three years. This was in a very nice apartment complex built in a square and we lived on the ocean side of the building. From our tiny, $1,250 four hundred square foot apartment, I could see whales from my bed. This was very nice, but when the rent had gone up $350 in three years, my old social security check just could not handle that. So, eating being more important than whale watching, we moved into our RV. As is often the case, this allowed time to contemplate all that happened in that area, both to others and ourselves.

Kim and I have been married thirty one years now. We are way beyond the point of keeping secrets in our marriage. That communication probably explains the thirty one years. So when she came home with a mind bending story, there was no doubt as to the truth of her story. Particularly since I was a participant in my own strange way. You see, when she walked into our place, our lights were still exhibiting the electromagnetic effects from the sighting she had experienced. The appliances, television, and lamps were inoperable, but our ceiling lights had emitted an eerie orange glow for the last hour. I could even turn the lights off and on, and only the orange glow would respond. And perhaps most interesting was the fact that in our row of apartments, only our porch light was orange while the rest were normal.


Kim had been at Nob Hill Foods purchasing our supper. We are very light eaters and usually shop daily. And she felt lucky, as she was the last person through the checkout line before the lights and machines stopped. However, those same effects were exhibited by the ceiling lights in the store. The clerk and my wife discussed how weird the lights looked. You see, we had all experienced the famous brownouts that plagued California over the years. But these light effects were decidedly different. Everyone remarked on that fact.

So, as she left Nob Hill, she drove right along the water as we always do on our way home. We are avid sea life observers, and the otters are just remarkable. From the corner of her eye, she saw roiling water just offshore. She pulled into one of the abundant turnouts and watched. Roiling water is often a prelude to a great show! NASCAR only wishes they created the excitement of tuna, dolphin, sharks and whales when feeding on a ball of fish. The dolphin generate air bubbles to round up the bait fish, and they conglomerate into a ball of rapidly swirling fish food.  The attack begins, usually with the tuna, and then all hell breaks loose. So, quite naturally she thought she was in for a treat. Little did she know.


No, it was called a USO or unidentified submerged object. But wait, there's more! The roiling water suddenly calmed. Kim was expecting a humpback to emerge with its jaws wide, yet that did not happen. Instead, a strange beam of white energy emerged from the calm water, and at the end of this beam which was at about a forty five degree angle, was a craft that appeared as a blue ring. Transparent in the middle and emitting an orange glow on the surrounding marine layer (fog). At about 1,000 feet altitude, this ring just shot off toward the north, and NASA Ames center in San Jose, at the tip of San Francisco Bay. As the ufo shot to the north, this beam of energy retracted back into the water it emerged from, and the water immediately went back to normal. Kim saw this, and though very strange for this area, no one but a television truck was around. And this channel 8 truck had its own beam extended as if broadcasting!


I am wondering just what in the world, or out of it I suppose, is going on as the TV just died during a ball game, and all appliances, including my router, went down. This began the hour of orange glow, and I just pretty much sat there mystified. I played with the light switch and the glow behaved just as a bulb would. I looked outside to the limits of my vision and saw nothing. As it was still daylight, I could not really tell if our neighbors had full power or not. But having said this, Pacific Grove is a quaint seaside village and weird power outages are not unknown. The grid is old, and the city sewer system is over a hundred years old, but that is a subject for a different post! Suffice to say that I was slightly freaked out, myself.

When Kim came home to tell me what she had experienced, the first words from her mouth were "Thank God the lights are still like this!" You see, she was beginning, like so many who witness such things, to doubt her own eyes and senses. The orange glow confirmed her sighting and her sanity for her. As she told me her story, I drew on our thirty one years to give her the entire benefit of the doubt. And my own experience validated hers. After all, ufos are well known to produce electromagnetic effects. I had been studying the subject the entire ten years I had been basically bedridden. Similar to studying for two college degrees, I suppose, when time is figured into the equation. At any rate, I did and do consider myself well read on the subject. In fact, I knew just who to call.


This Emmy award winning writer and investigative reporter made her journalistic bones in Denver, reporting on cattle mutilations in the 1970's. Her documentary on the subject won her first award. So I emailed her with our encounter, and she called to ask questions. I was also contacted by MUFFON field investigator, Devlin Runge. Both tried to investigate, and I believed they would find success as Nob Hill Foods, Pacific Gas & Electric and News Channel 8, should have all been able to supply evidence. But as is always the case, nothing was forthcoming. All claimed they had no records, and of course the clerk could not be located. Kim drew sketches, gave her testimony as I gave mine, but I think we all knew that there was a 99% chance it was simply that, testimony. I truly appreciated the efforts by both investigators, as theirs is so often a thankless job of hearing denial after denial followed by a roadblock. However, it is that occasional pearl that keeps them diving.

Kim acted and felt strange for a few weeks after this, but soon enough returned to her normal, cheery self. I, however, remained mystified, though not troubled emotionally. Just puzzled I guess. Then I had my own little sighting. What occurred to me during the holiday week of 2010 was perhaps not as dramatic as my wife's sighting, but just as intense for this old boy! What seemed at least a mile or more offshore, I saw a string of lights. Now, being the holiday season, I assumed I had seen but a reflection of someone's Christmas decorations. But I looked around, even went out onto the deck to make sure no wind chimes were in my line of vision, and nothing could have been reflecting lights, particularly as they were still visible from the deck. I watched for at least a half hour to see if they would change, but they did not. I became distracted, and frankly a little bored, when the next thing I knew a craft of some kind, with a very weird bright white light pattern, sort of buzzed the coastline. And there are some very strict laws against that, which I'll go into later. But no pilot of a small plane would do that more than once!


I immediately went online and searched ufo sites and you tube for like photos of like crafts. I found nothing very good to match Kim's sighting, but mine were a very different story. The first example of the string of lights was the last one needed as it was an exact match, right down to the pattern and color of each light. This was photographed by a soldier above one of our bases in Afghanistan. It was exact!

The next was the craft that seemed to buzz the coastline. I found several, though one over the mouth of the river Thames outside London was very close. And several were so similar, I could not be sure of a total match, but one or two could have been the sports model. I felt it uncanny that I found such good matches so quickly. Really, I did not have to search more than an hour.


Here is what I think, and hope to find out. Based on these personal experiences and so many others having been reported around Monterey Bay, I believe these to be our military at work. Perhaps I am giving too much credit where it is not due, but Occam's Razor demands I present this theory before that of extraterrestrials. I like to try to proceed as scientifically as possible when trying to posit a theory. And looking at an earthly source seems a prudent way to start. And while thinking and readng of different instances that might help me formulate this theory, I came across Ben Rich, second director of the Skunk Works, who famously claimed we possessed the technology to "go to the stars" in a speech before a conference of peers. This was a bit of an aha moment. If this person with such high security clearance claimed to know something, even if it was a slip, was worth attention and consideration. Does the military possess such a thing?

Just for the sake of argument, lets stipulate that they do. So if the Skunk Works have discovered how to use some anti gravity or electromagnetic propulsion system, which I would think a requirement for interstellar travel, then why is it so secret? How has it not leaked? Someone could make an absolute fortune by eliminating our need to burn fossil fuel and ruin our planet. What a huge bonanza! And therein lies the dilemma. There is simply no way the big oil companies will let that kind of technology come out until they have squeezed the oil market dry, and they can figure how to corner the market on such a new technology. So in the meantime, just keep it quiet and make such threats that no one will dare leak. There is a long history, indeed, of our government successfully keeping huge secrets requiring thousands of people to just shut up! And they do, over and over. They kept stealth technology secret for a decade, the famous LSD testing several decades, John Wayne claimed to have had his life immeasurably shortened by witnessing up close and personal a Nevada nuclear test. In the company of recruits, all were assured of no danger, of course. These are but a few examples. The one I am worried about was the Malithion helicopters of the eighties Bay Area "mosquito eradication program" as I was right underneath those choppers. And it seemed all my neighbors got sick, but the mosquitoes lived on.


I think there is a huge test lap that encompasses an area beginning at NASA Ames in San Jose. I think these crafts emerge underwater and exit through the Golden Gate. They are very soon protected by the Monterey National Marine Sanctuary, which effectively eliminates the presence of large shipping and fishing concerns. There is a fairly huge body of water that is inside these borders including, of course, Monterey Bay and Monterey Canyon. The canyon is an interesting anomaly. Many geologists don't believe it could have been formed by the Salinas river at it's current mouth, as this river barely trickles most of the year. No, these geologists believe the canyon was formed eons ago, before Baja California broke from the mainland, by the mighty river that also forms the Grand Canyon, the Colorado. Why? This canyon, at Moss Landing, is around a thousand feet deep at the shore. It quickly drops to average out a five thousand throughout the Monterey Bay, and as it exits it drops to 11,800 where is spreads an alluvial fan just entirely too large to have been carried by the puny Salinas. I think these geologists are correct. And this presents a unique military opportunity.


Home to our Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta. He has a long and distinguished career in unelected high office. Unelected is the key word there. Leon and his wife are very active locally and host the Panetta Institute. Here they hold very impressive discussions with luminaries and charge exorbitant prices in my opinion, but they do broadcast after the fact on the local cable channel which is a magnanimous gesture of sorts. Of course, no cable, no show! Might be a kickback, just saying. But the Panettas, as important as they are, are by far not all Monterey offers.

There is the Naval Postgraduate School, where we conduct our cyber warfare. I believe we also pilot those terrorist drones from this place. I'm sure someone is studying lots of subjects there, but I know we run operations there as well. The Defense Language Institute also calls the Peninsula home, I hear Arabic is popular there. Monterey Institute of International Studies often hosts the presence of one guy named Kissinger. There is a NOAA station, a Coast Guard station, the Monterey Aquarium, and even a rather famous mayor who made a rather controversial speech at the recent republican convention. And last but not least, the possible star of the show.


This fort became famous when "Private Benjamin" was coerced into the Army by pictures of this fort which fronts the bay. Her great line was "where are the yachts?" Fort Ord was no vacation spot. Not at least for those on duty. It was established as a basic training post to train for the numerous world war two beach landings. These huge and compacted dunes, made for very realistic grounds to simulate south Pacific islands. They are great for tunneling and making bunkers, firing rounds into dunes, driving tanks, really you name it and it is good. This base was "closed" as part of the defense cuts during the "peace dividend" after the fall of the U.S.S.R. in the nineties. While some was turned into a college, most is still either "abandoned" or impassable due to "unexploded ordinance." Now, you may wonder why all the quotes? I don't believe them!

Knowing the geography of the area, and simple observation really, can let one see how easy a submarine base could be constructed under those dunes, and an entrance from the thousand foot deep canyon would be a piece of cake. Particularly for the huge tunnel making vehicles of today, who eat rock like giant PacMen. And Highway 101 runs from nearby Salinas up to San Jose. The reason it follows a bit of a wandering path is due to the ease of working the local ground, grading, paving, etc. Not to mention the easiest way through the coastal range. And geologists have stated that the underlying ground is among the most stable, considering is basically parallels the San Andreas fault. But it would be east to make a tunnel from the bay, straight to NASA Ames in San Jose.  And the loop is completed. Lap one.


Why this idea? Lets consider how this country works. It is a capitalist heaven. Money talks and all else walks. So the fact the government can print their own makes almost all a possibility. And it is a well known fact that billions disappear from the people's coffers, to those of black projects. Like the previously mentioned stealth program. So funding for most anything is available, but the powers that be must be convinced to spring for the bill. That is where the race track comes into play. It is very easy to make excuses for the country's decision makers to gather in this playground of the rich and famous. Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill, Cypress Point, Monterey Peninsula Country Club, Spanish Bay, Poppy Hills, are all golf courses on this peninsula that have been played in professional tournaments. Their most famous golfer may have been a guy named Bing Crosby. And to see these vehicles, all these movers and shakers would have to do is look up from their putts at the scheduled time. Sure beats having to travel to the deserts of Nevada, away from the "civilized comforts" to which most are accustomed.

There are also the Farallon Islands, just offshore from the Golden Gate. They are the  gunnery range for the Naval Top Gun School in Fallon, Nevada. They keep trying to blow the hell out of those rocks, but wouldn't it be more fun to practice on flying saucers? Who knows, might have to defend Earth someday.


Pipe dream, or possibility? Please leave your thoughts in comments, as I need all the critique of this theory possible. Poke holes, shoot BBs, or just throw it away. But please leave a comment as all opinion has value and that is our best way to learn, by communicating with each other. Even if the government won't!

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