Q: Why did Obama throw that first debate?
A: Because he wants to work with a Democratic congress. That's why.

Let me explain...

1) Before that debate, Obama was clearly trouncing Romney in ALL the polls.

2) THAT indicated to conservative donors -- specifically to right-wing SuperPACs laden with gobs of cash useful in ANY election they choose -- that they would be wasting their money by spending it to get Romney elected.

3) AND THAT indicated to those same SuperPACs that they should spend their money on Congressional races instead of the presidential race so as to protect Republican control of the Senate and the House which HAS been looking increasingly tenuous lately, especially so for the Senate.

So here is the Obama campaign's simple plan:

- FIRST: Blow the first debate
- Give GOP SuperPACs hope of winning the White House
- Divert their money away from Congress and towards Romney

- THEN: Win the next three debates
- Demoralize the GOP base reducing their will to vote for Congress

- THUS: Win the White House, Senate, AND the House!

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