What's the saying?  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Well, FDR and Obama have much in common.

The Right hates Obama.

They hated FDR too.

Republican Mitt Romney thinks people who expect adequate health care, food and the bare necessities are moochers.

Republicans during FDR's time believed the same, but of course, FDR strongly disagreed.  Here's his lost Bill of Rights speech.

They claim Obama hates rich people and capitalism.

They said the same drivel about FDR.

They make up ridiculous stories about Obama's dog Bo.

They did the same to FDR's dog Fala.

Mitt Romney claims he cares about America and his plan is better for America.

Paul Ryan claims their plan is revenue neutral and  won't cost a thing.  

Hmmm... that sounds awfully familiar.

Amazingly, FDR had to deal with the same nonsense in 1936 when he ran for reelection.  The GOP has been spewing the exact same bull***t for decades.

Let's hope history continues to repeat itself.  Let's hope Obama, like FDR, wins reelection in a landslide.

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