For years Jed Lewison has been a genius in wading through the muck and creating clear and concise videos.

On Saturday he did it again.  Granted, Rmoney gave him so much to work with.  But this one needs repeating.  It needs to be posted over and over and over again.

Now we can ALL do something more.

We need to reach outside the KOS community and make sure this message is heard by millions of voters.  Each of us can do this.  It only takes a few minutes.

What I did is underneath the orange spaghetti.  Please feel free to copy and send.  Or create your own version.  But do send.  Often.  To everyone.

This is what I just sent to all my personal contacts.  Only takes a few minutes and reaches people outside the KOS community...


SUBJECT:  The most important 56 seconds of my life

I don't spam my friends often, but today I must.  And then I will try to behave for the next 29 days.

Several of you have asked me why I think President Obama did so poorly in the debates.

I'm not sure he did.  Looking back, I think it was necessary to let the American people see and hear Mitt Romney basically unchallenged.


Because now we have Mitt Romney before a national audience AND the Mitt Romney who has been campaigning for 18 months.

Please take just 56 seconds to see what I mean.

If you believe as I do, forward this message on to ten friends and ask them to do the same.  The message is clear and speaks for itself.  We CAN make a difference.





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