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On Thurs. Sept 19th, I wrote a diary called:Please Hold with the Victory Dance - GOTV! following in the wake of the awesome Democratic National Convention and the numbers that we were seeing.

Now the overall numbers on that diary were positive BUT there were a number of "Hey, let us celebrate the Republicans are dust" (paraphrased) or "Don't be a downer" comments as well. Given the aftermath of the debate debacle (and it was a debacle whether we think it was or not), I think my warning was more or less on target. AND NOW... I see it again.

Look, this thing is tight. Why? Who knows. In my mind I cannot fathom why the hell someone would ever even consider voting for that shameless liar Mitt Romney. But, you know what... People are going to and are considering voting for him. That is just a freakin' fact. People do dumb things all the time. It doesn't necessarily matter what someone who makes their decisions based on facts thinks, it's just the way it is.

So.. now we have all these diaries out there spinning away that the debate didn't mean a thing. That the President even got a bounce from them. Well guess what? The debate did mean something and the only bounce that anyone got was Mitt Romney's. Here is the RCP average: President Obama + 0.5 (47.9 - 47.4). Just today PEW came out with a poll that has Romney leading by +4.

How about those battleground states that we supposedly doing so well in.... Holy crap... the leads are disappearing. Ohio... was +8... now +3, Colorado (RCP has +.2 Ras. Has the President +1, but U of Denver has the President at +4), Florida - TIE...

Ok but, RCP has a slight Republican bias. SO... let's see what Poll Tracker says... Oh why look... Romney at + 2.7%. Over there we have the President DOWN in CO. by .1%, FL, the President up by .6 and in Ohio the Pres. up by 3.4%

Despite what we say to cheer ourselves up... this one is now "anybody's Ball Game" and understanding that the Romney campaign is going to continue to lie shamelessly in the debates and the President is seemingly playing "Not to lose" who the hell knows what is going to happen.

Look people don't give a crap that Mitt is lying like a rug. They don't care that he demonstrably takes five sides of every issue. They really don't. They hear things like "Government has to get smaller, we refuse to raise revenue, we must have the strongest military in the world and it has to keep growing, Oh yeah, and we have to have the best parts of the ACA... but remember we are not going to run deficits". I mean who would actually be stupid enough to believe that? Apparently a lot of Americans, that's who.

So, what do we do... How do we fight this? WELL... First off we "play to win". What does that mean? It means we get out and inform people. Not sitting around telling our group of people that everything will be alright. It won't. We get out and we inform people and let them know what is at stake here. Do we do that... well with ourselves we do, but do we do that outside of this? I talk to Romney supporters all the time. I constantly challenge them. We all need to do that. Get out of our comfort zone and fight (not physically)...

What else do we do... We sign up at OFA offices and put in the time with the "ground game",. Phonebanking, precinct walking. You name it.

In my last diary ParkRanger had an awesome group of links, some great resources.

Come on people no need to stick our heads in the sand on this one. Let's be real. We need to push here. No matter how evil getting rid of Big Bird seems. That is not what is going to help us, because if it was... it would have. We need a debate win from Biden, We need the President to win the next two debates, AND we need to have our ground game firing on all cylinders for the next month - THAT is what will do it.

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