This election is, as far as I can tell, the weirdest since I started voting in 1980. You have the first black President running on a platform of (1) having saved the country from Bush the Junior's tax break apocalypse, (2) nursing the country into recovery from the financial apocalypse, (3) extricating us from two stupid wars and (4) the ACA. You have Romney running on nothing but lies.

How is a person of liberal bent supposed to react to a segment of the country that is so racist that they want to elect a plutocrat who will sell them down the river just so the Kenyan Muslim Socialist Usurper Devil Baby from Hawaii doesn't get reelected? I have never witnessed a train wreck but that is what I feel like I am watching. How can a person who is obviously benefiting from the ACA even think that voting for Rmoney is a viable alternative? See today's story

How can women vote for a presidential candidate and for legislators who basically want to make them chattel again? Is their faith in their Christian God so strong that they are willing to suffer adverse the monetary and health care consequences of a return to 19th century status? Are they so afraid of their husbands or Bishops? What kind of mental slavery have they bought into? With hundreds of bills introduced in both Congress and state Houses all over the country in the last few years, how can any relatively self aware woman vote for these scoundrels?

How can farmers in the drought torn mid-west even think of voting for republicans who wont even vote on a farm bill?

And how can they keep electing representatives who won't raise taxes even though taxes are what pay those subsidies that keep the farms in business?

And how can they keep electing climate deniers in the face of what their farms produced this year?

Why do white non-college educated men vote lockstep for people who don't give a rats ass about them other than for their vote and who have made that abundantly clear during the Bush Jr years. Do they hate the black guy so much that it is worth a miserable decade more just so they can say they booted his ass?

What hold does the GOP have on people? And why is ignorance of facts a desirable state of affairs?

These and many other questions boggle my mind daily.

I may think my President has some work to do (NDAA indefinite detention is awful) Patriot Act is awful, TSA is awful, Keystone XL pipeline is awful, fracking is awful). But the mere thought of PResident Romney makes me want to buy one way tickets to Sweden for me and my loved ones. I will vote for Obama because a vote for Romney is like voting for your own demise.

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