Michele Bachmann shrugging her shoulders
Michele Bachmann: Still not making any sense.
For a woman who hates government, like, a lot, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Crazy Town) sure loves those sweet, sweet government handouts, doesn't she? She hates Medicaid for "swelling the welfare rolls," but she's cool with her husband's "mental health clinic" collecting Medicaid dollars. Then there's that "family farm" of hers that's raked in piles of sweet, sweet government subsidies through a farm bill she voted against because it was "loaded with unbelievably outrageous pork." Mmmm, that pork sure tastes good, don't it, Michele?

Then there's her federally subsidized home loan, backed by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, programs she has criticized and blamed for causing the economic crisis in 2008.

And let's not even get into who's been signing her paychecks since 1988. (Cough the government cough.)

And now there's this:

Congratulations to @mndotnews for beginning construction of the new St. Croix bridge ahead of schedule http://t.co/... #MN
@MicheleBachmann via HootSuite

Yes, Michele is excited about the new $700 million bridge being constructed in her district—a bridge she fought hard to get through Congress, even though "taxpayer groups objected." You know, those taxpayer groups with whom Michele usually sides in denouncing the government spending money on anything because pork and earmarks and waste and freedom and stuff.

But remember, it's not porkalicious earmarky wastefulness when it's in Michele's district:

Bachmann told the Star Tribune she supports a "redefinition" of what an earmark is, because, she said: "Advocating for transportation projects for ones district in my mind does not equate to an earmark."

"I don’t believe that building roads and bridges and interchanges should be considered an earmark," Bachmann said. "There’s a big difference between funding a tea pot museum and a bridge over a vital waterway."

Goal Thermometer

Yep, there's a big difference between the earmarks that other members of Congress seek and the "transportation projects" Bachmann seeks. The former is the thing Bachmann thinks is wrong because Jesus died for our right to not pay taxes (or something like that), and the latter is just more evidence of precisely how batshit-crazy-out-of-her-ever-lovin'-mind Bachmann really is.

It's time to kick this nutjob out of Congress and off the government welfare rolls once and for all.

Please give $3 to her Democratic opponent, Jim Graves, so we can help Michele stop living off those sweet, sweet government dollars.

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