Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign rally at the James Koch Farm in Van Meter, Iowa October 9, 2012.   REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION)
Mitt Romney lies to Iowa.
This is news to all the residents of farm states who watched their Republican members of Congress desperately lobbying Speaker Boehner and House leadership to please bring the farm bill to the floor before taking off for the campaign. That failure isn't Boehner's fault at all, says Mitt Romney, it's President Obama's.
He also criticized President Barack Obama’s leadership on getting a farm bill passed by Congress.

“People have been waiting a long time for a farm bill,” Romney said, saying the president “has to exert the kind of presidential leadership” to get such a bill enacted.

Romney is so accustomed to lying, he just can't stop. There isn't an issue that he won't lie about. The unfortunate fact for Romney is that there wasn't a bipartisan failure on this bill at all. The Senate passed its version of the bill with very few problems, back in June with 16 Republican votes. The House Agriculture Committee passed a crappy farm bill, with too egregious cuts to food stamps.

But the nihilists in Boehner's caucus said no, they wanted deeper cuts and more pain, and that was that. Boehner refused to take up a bill that he could pass, one that Democrats would join him on. Boehner political calculation is the reason there is no farm bill. For the first time in modern history. And Mitt Romney just lied about it. Of course.

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