My wife's mom is in a home, because she can't take care of herself after a brain tumor surgery years ago and her diabetes is too fragile for anyone but a professional staff to handle. In last week's debate, Mitt said that he would cut funds for medicaid to states. If Mitt wins and follows through with that promise, my wife's mom will die.

Medicaid pays for her mom to live in that home. No one in her family can afford it. No one in her family can care for her themselves. We tried. She almost died half a dozen times. Do you know what it's like to come home and find your mother in law lying on the floor dying? Or to hear her say that she can't take it anymore and that the moment she gets a chance she will kill herself? It's horrific.

I grew up in a Repubilcan home but I became a Democrat because I am neither heartless nor so uninformed to not realize I am supporting heartless legislation. Next month the future of my wife's mom will be decided by the American people. Really, by a small sliver of undecideds who are JUST NOW paying attention to Democracy. Who DON'T know the facts and who will decide based on their gut. Well, here's hoping their gut decides not to vote for the candidate who has promised to cut medicaid.

I was calm after the debate last week and then over the weekend I had my moment to lose it.  I know that some people were upset with those of us who had our moments of losing it, but the reason we lost it was because so much is at stake.  Like the life of my wife Melissa's mom Patricia.  Who wouldn't lose it thinking about the life of a loved one hanging in the balance.  And, you know, Obama didn't do a good job at the debate, but I did appreciate that THIS was one of the things Mitt said that he actually rebutted.  That shows Obama's heart.

I became a Democrat after Melissa's mom moved in and we had to try to get her help and it became clear who gave a shit and who didn't.  There were NO churches or charities who would help.  It was government that helped.  With no strings attached either.  No having to listen to sermons about how you are going to hell in exchange for a bowl of soup and a mat to sleep on out of the rain and cold.  Just a focus on meeting needs.  

Government is like the good Samaritan.  The holy people walked right on by Melissa's mom.  But who gave a shit?  Who paid for her health care and for a place to live that could keep her alive?  Evil government did.  

Originally posted to Anton Bursch on Tue Oct 09, 2012 at 05:43 PM PDT.

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