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[My Cousin, On Facebook]
Throwing out a bone..... who should I vote for? and why! Convince me.
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  [ Republican Friend #1] Romney because Obama has no idea what he is doing and he is racking up the deficit that (my Cousin's Kid) will be stuck paying off!!!!!!!!!
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    [Republican Friend #2] Haha do you really want to ask me that question. Romney is the answer though and I don't have enough room here to say why. But bonus points is that he is NOT Obama and he's republican. Sorry (My Cousin) you asked! You know I love you regardless!
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    [Yours Truly] You should vote for Obama because he has consistently made decisions based on what will help the majority of Americans even when it was not politically in his own best interest; has been a voice of reason and SUCCESSFUL action in foreign policy ; you can check his statements against his track record and not cringe; and because you are a woman; because you are a mother; and because you a human being who cares when your own family members, of multiple generations, need health care, and their earned civil service pensions, veterans' and social security benefits. Because you are educated, and can "do math" and tell when numbers don't add up, and can read and Google the candidates' own words. Because you know the difference between shit and shinola. Because Ayn Rand was an asshole. Because even though Jerry Sandusky is sentenced to 30 - 60 years for the rape of (however-many) young boys, presidential candidate Mitt Romney has still not repudiated the endorsement of a self-admitted pedophile rock star. Because millions of people can't earn a living wage, let alone a yearly salary that is equal to the tax deduction for a dressage horse. Because Magic Underwear is just plain weird. Because if we DO get a Democratic Majority back in the house, we can fight that deficit by passing a REAL Jobs Bill, rebuilding infrastructure for our children, grandkids, and great-grandkids, building the foundation for a green economy. Because Tesla Roadsters rock hardcore. Because the Supreme Court appointees are going to be decided by the next president, and you, and many of your family members have two X-chromosomes, and this fact should not be an impediment to equal protection under the law. Because you ever had a good teacher. Because of the fact that you grew up in a state next to PA, and their Unionized PLCB workforce and buying power forced liquor prices to stay down in all the "border states" around them. Because Rainbow flags are !!!FABULOUS!!!! for property values and block parties. Because you want the fire fighters and police in your area to be paid wages that respect the danger and sacrifice inherent in their service. Because the two Romney supporters who answered first only gave you flip soundbites, which their candidate peddles nonstop, but the INDEPENDENT who's voting for The President actually cared enough to answer, with humor AND truth. Because Obama IS the better guy. Period. That's why.


Ok, just between us? I clicked back here and totally plagiarized G2Geek's comment from my dairy earlier today for the Sandusky point. It was just to awesome not to use.
I know I coulda & shoulda said it... better.. but perfect is the enemy of "done" right?....humbly ready for my serving of pie now. Fire away.

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