So peculiar for Romney to suggest that the Farm Bill hasn't passed Congress because Obama didn't demonstrate the appropriate "leadership" to get it backed and passed...

When has it been possible to "lead" this Congress?  

When the Senate minority "leader" stakes the claim that it will be the primary Republican congressmen cause to make sure Obama doesn't get anything passed, nor a second term, how can a President Obama propose to "lead"? How does a President get backing or laws passed through "leadership" when met at every turn with a rubber stamped, "NO!"?

How does a President "lead" or get backing for a bill when the "Leadership" in the House can't get consensus or deliberation on anything the President wants to do to bring relief to the American people? "Leader" Boehner can't even get the Tea Baggers in his party in line to vote on what the Republican party agrees on...how does a President presume to "lead" a bill through Congress when the republican obstructionists can't even get control of their own party for their own purposes?

Also, isn't Congress the body of government responsible for passing laws? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the President doesn't have the ability to pass any laws. He doesn't even get a vote when a law is presented in Congress. So, how does a President "lead" or provide "leadership" on getting a bill passed when the President doesn't even play any part in presenting, voting-on or arguing before Congress during the time a law gets passed or not passed?

Mr. Romney, if you want to be President...you might want to brush up on what the President does and is responsible for. "Leadership" on backing and getting bills passed is left for the Congressional "leadership"...the President only gets to sign or veto bills that have been passed.

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