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Walmart Worker on Strike:

After Walmart store workers walked off the job last week in California, others from around the country followed their lead. Dozens of us walked out of stores in the Dallas, Texas-area, and more from stores across the country joined in protest of Walmart's unlawful attempts to silence workers. Will you stand with them?

Today, we're converging on Walmart's corporate headquarters in Arkansas to make a big announcement: On Black Friday, November 23rd, Walmart workers around the country are prepared to take stronger and bolder action on the biggest sales day of the year in protest of Walmart's illegal retaliation.

As a Walmart employee, I'm spreading the word in my store and to as many coworkers as possible. Even so, since Walmart has so many stores nationwide, it's impossible for me alone to reach everyone. That's where you come in!

Help me spread the word about how my coworkers and I are standing up to every corner of the country. Simply click here ( http://shareforrespect.com/ )to use the "Share for Respect" Facebook App. It will help you find out if anyone of your online friends works for Walmart and then let you send them an online flier.

Fellow Workers, we may look back on these early efforts to organize and fight the behemoth that is Walmart, its warehouses, and their employment agencies, and realize that we helped to make Labor History. Please act now for social and economic justice, the ultimate aim of the Labor Movement. More ways to help below the Solidarity Squiggle.


Warehouse Workers United

Warehouse Workers for Justice

OUR Walmart

Other Ways to Help
1. Sign petitions at the Web sites
2. Sign up for Emails, share them, act when asked
3. Go to your Union meeting & raise a motion to lend support of money &/or moral support    
4. At your Church: ditto that.
5. At any other org you can think of: double ditto that.
6. Go to demonstration in your area!!! (Also good excuse for a road trip!)
7. Rec diaries on the Walmart & Warehouse Workers struggles, keep the struggle in view.
8. To that end I am creating a tag: Walmart & Warehouse Workers (let me know if you prefer not to have your tags messed with).
9. Write supportive letters to the editor (H/T tardis 10)
10. Write or email or telephone Walmart ( http://news.walmart.com/... ) & tell them where they can stuff their shit! Link is for journalist, but bloggers count as journalist, right? (H/T to Catskill Julie, altho she said it in a nicer way!)

More suggestions are welcome!

The great American "prosperity" myth rests on the back of millions of low-wage workers. Millions do not even make a living wage. They are our Fellow Workers.

Together we stand with them in


(takes a minute to get started, but it's GREAT!)

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