New poll of Pennsylvania released today from SIENA: Obama's lead has been cut to 3 points, within the margin of error (+/-4).


HOWEVER - and this is a BIG 'however' - here's the very shiny silver lining: the poll was done from Oct. 1-5, which means they not only ended interviews literally the DAY AFTER the debate - it means that any effect the jobs report showing the drop to 7.8% had isn't even included in this poll at all.

The bottom line with this SIENA PA poll is this: I wouldn't put too much stock into this poll in terms of how PA is actually looking today, at least 5 days after the interviews were done.

And here is where I get pissed off at CNN: Given when the poll was done, it's pretty damned disingenuous of CNN to make the headline: "Another Tightening Battleground State" - and to not even MENTION in the copy that the jobs report isn't included in the poll, as that's a pretty big thing to have missing from a poll released today, on the 10th.

I want to see PA polls that were done starting on Monday. That will tell us what's actually going on in Pennsylvania today - not this SIENA poll done from Oct. 1st - 5th.

I have no idea why this was sat on by CNN for 5 days, unless it was reported elsewhere and I missed it.

I corrected the post, as I initially thought this was a CNN poll; it's from Siena College, released today. The link is CNN.

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