Ralph Reed reassures social conservatives that Romney’s Abortion Stance Has Not Changed, in conservative rag, NewsMax, as controversy escalates over Mitt Romney's most recent duplicitous flip-flop on abortion saying he has "no legislative agenda to restrict access to abortion."  Romney has reset his etch-a-sketch to appear more safely moderate to voters, even while winking to his base that he remains as severely conservative as ever and intends to appoint Supreme Court Justices that will repeal Roe v. Wade, making legislative restrictions unnecessary.    

Kali Joy Gray describes Tony Perkin's vaguer signals to conservatives this afternoon, Jed Lewison provide background this morning, and I reported last night  Mitt Romney's interview to the Des Moines Register.

Now, Ralph Reed spells out the details of the trick of this game explaining how Mitt's comments about "legislation would play not part in his White House agenda, but "(t)hat was just an issue of semantics, "(t)hey asked him what his legislative agenda is. A judicial appointment is not legislation." The conservative plan is to stack the Supreme Court with justices who will repeal Roe v. Wade, so legislative change is not necessary.

“He made it abundantly clear in the Des Moines Register interview that he would on day one, by executive order, reinstate the Mexico City policy which was originally instituted by Ronald Reagan and carried out by both Bush presidents that prohibits taxpayer funds from being used to promote or perform abortions overseas through the United Nations and other international agencies,” Reed said.

“Further, Mitt has made it abundantly clear that he favors repealing Obamacare, which we believe rations healthcare to the elderly and is therefore not pro-life and which also, through various means, promotes abortion,” he said.

Reed said the other issue that would affect abortion would be the make-up of the Supreme Court, where Romney has said he will appoint “strict constructionists."

"That was just an issue of semantics," sai Reed. "They asked him what his legislative agenda is. A judicial appointment is not legislation."

Reed said “We’re distributing over 51 million copies of voter guides comparing him and Obama by mail, in churches, at county and state fairs, by email, by text and door-to-door. There’s not going to be any question about where Mitt Romney and Barack Obama stand on these issues."

Our next step must be to get the media to pin Mitt Romney down on his intentions with Supreme Court nominations.  "Govenor Romney, will you reassure women voters that you will not nominate any SCOTUS Justices who will repeal Roe v. Wade, or not?"  

If we can pin down Mitt Romney's core intentional deceptiveness here we will have solid proof of his lack of fitness to be President.  A complete lack of integrity, character, and core principles.  We must force him to choose his core base, or these new moderate voters he is seeking to deceive.  If we do it well, he may lose both camps as they see what a lying con man he truly is.

Below the squiggle, I provide brief background, and also CNNs latest reporting of the Supreme Court - Legislative agenda trick.  

Meanwhile, CNN is now reporting that Mitt Romney repeated his major flip-flop on abortion, reassuring women he has no "legislative agenda" to restrict access to abortion, in a campaign rally an hour ago, and says  Bill Clinton asked where this more moderate Mitt Romney has been all his life. (I'm looking for written documentation of this last exchange which I will put in an update.    

In the CNN report, a reporter wondered if Romney is not trying to find the "wiggle room" to soften his appeal to women by reassuring that he is not going to "advance legislation" to restrict abortion, while reassuring conservatives that he will nominate justices to the Supreme Court who will repeal Roe v. Wade.  In my report last night, which I will append portions of to the update, the Obama campaign, and Planned Parenthood blasted Romney for duplicity.

Here's the latest Washington Post report from a few minutes ago: Romney appears to pivot on abortion.  I'm sure the

Mitt Romney, buoyed by recent polls that show him ahead of President Obama after a strong debate performance, appears to have modified his stance on abortion, a key issue among social conservatives, a voting bloc that has been skeptical of the Republican nominee in the past.

In an interview with the Des Moines Register, Romney seemed to back away from his antiabortion position, suggesting that he would not actively pursue legislation that would outlaw abortions, a key objective among social conservatives.

“There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda,” Romney told the paper’s editorial board.

Later Romney’s campaign appeared to back away from his remarks, saying in a statement: “Mitt Romney is proudly pro-life, and he will be a pro-life president.”

In light of the Pew Poll yesterday, showing that Romney has made up his previous 18 point gap with Obama,  in support from women, we need to expose Mitt Romney lying duplicity with greater vividness and zest. Maybe we can get Soledad O'Brian to take up this quest for accuracy in media reporting?

1:38 PM PT: Great News, CNN is having a full report and debate on Mitt Romney's flip-flops on this.  And, played a segment of this hilarious BIll Clinton riff mocking the new "moderate Mitt."

ZING! Bubba Bashes Romney! (VIDEO)


Speaking to a crowd of 2,000 at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, former President Bill Clinton used his folksy orator skills to recharge the Democratic base and poke fun at Romney's habitual flip-flopping. He pointed out that the views Romney expressed at the debate were much more centered than the far-right campaign he's been pushing over the last year.

"I had a different reaction to that first debate than a lot of people did," Clinton told nearly 2,000 supporters at a campaign rally for Obama and other Democrats. I thought, 'Wow, here's old moderate Mitt. Where ya been, boy?'"

Bubba continued:

"It was like one of these Bain Capital deals, you know, where he's the closer. So he shows up, doesn't really know much about the deal and says, 'Tell me what I'm supposed to say to close.' The problem with this deal is the deal was made by severe conservative Mitt," alluding to Romney's description of himself in February as having been a "severely conservative" governor in Massachusetts.

The crowd fed right into Clinton's funny attacks. Clinton also impersonated Romney, saying:  

"I don't have that tax plan I had for the last two years. Are you going to believe me or your lyin' eyes here?"

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