The Boston Globe is reporting that Bain and Company, a Consulting firm led by Mitt Romney advised Chinese and Russian officials in the 1990s.  While there is no suggestions of impropriety in these services, Romney has called Russia our number one geopolitical rival, and has criticized President Obama for not being tougher on China.  

Bain & Company, with Mitt Romney as chief executive, provided business advice to Chinese and Russian government officials during the early 1990s, according to a report Wednesday by the Associated Press. ...

But the mere fact that Romney’s team assisted those governments could further complicate his attempts to appear more muscular toward the two powers than President Obama. Romney has vowed to label China a currency manipulator on his first day in office -- a move Obama has decided not to make -- and has called Russia “our number one geopolitical foe.”

In 1993, Bain & Company held management seminars for government trade officials in China and also helped to guide the transition toward business privatization in post-Soviet Russia. Other US firms performed similar work.

Romney has been particularly critical of Obama’s posture toward China, claiming the president has not done enough to prevent China from gaining unfair competitive advantages over American businesses by artificially lowering its currency.

While Mitt Romney's hypocrisy will not surprise anyone here, we should watch this story for potentially fresh issues to use in the upcoming foreign policy debate.

4:04 PM PT: BTW Speaking of hypocracy and Bain, LaurenMonica reminds us not to forget the still relevant issues of the spring.  So, I feel this makes these two cartoons relevant, and opens the comments for an open thread on issues we need to revive for Mitt and Ryan.

you tax returns back to 1999 in the tradition of transparency started by your father.  Ann gives us this BS smaltz about writing his Dads on the pad before every debate so he will not do anything he father wouldn't be proud of, then disrespects one of his father proudest and most important contribution to the role of  transparency in democracies?



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