What do republicans have democrats beat on almost everytime?  Their uncanny ability to deny reality no matter what anyone says.

You've seen it time and time again for years, from W's claim of WMDs in Iraq all the way up to Jack Welch's claim that the unemployment numbers were cooked.

I've been saying, since the debate last week that I personally thought Obama did a pretty decent job and I think the narrative would have been different if most democrats out there publicly agreed.

I believe the freakouts on MSNBC after the debate along with the freakouts on every single democratic blog continued to drive the narrative that Romney won, looked like a winner ...blah blah blah ..and continue to drive that narrative today.

Now I'd like to ask you all to join our republican friends in fantasy land for a month beginning tonight;

No more hand wringing and I don't care what the pundits say - Joe Biden will appear strong and in command of the issues, PERIOD.  

Tonight's narrative - Joe Biden wiped the floor with Ryan's face

Ryan looked weak and confused

Ryan could never take over the job of the Presidency

As you've seen in the past week, with your comments you have the ability to drive which way the narrative of this race goes.  Your TWEETS can change the narrative of this race.  Have fun with your comments :)  be creative, but be Pro Obama/Biden.

You can start with this poll.


Who won the debate tonight?

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