I've set up an ActBlue page to win the Senate.  We are now approaching $15,000 in donations from fellow Kossacks.

It lets you donate to one or more of the Democratic candidates in what I think are the 11 most competitive 2012 races.  That list has been expanded to 12, by popular demand, to add Chris Murphy, although since Marty Heinrich is so far in front maybe I should switch back to 11 (sorry Marty).

As an homage to Spinal Tap, I still call it "But ours goes to 11 (+1)!"

Rather than giving to a general fund like the DSCC or DNC, you get to pick the particular candidates you want to help and exactly how much you want to donate to each, in one easy step. Normally, you would have to go to each campaign's separate donation page on ActBlue and fill out a separate form, keep giving your credit card info, etc, over and over.

We've already raised more than $13,000 for these great candidates!

Click on the following link to the ActBlue page and donate to any or all of the Magnificent 11 (+1):

Key Senate Races We Can Win - Our list goes to 11 (+1)!

Some are incumbents and some are challengers, but all are in winnable (or loseable) contests:

MA Elizabeth Warren
MO Claire McCaskill
AZ Richard Carmona
NV Shelley Berkley
IN Joe Donnelly
ND Heidi Heitkamp
MT Jon Tester
VA Tim Kaine
CT Chris Murphy
WI Tammy Baldwin
NM Marty Heinrich
FL Bill Nelson

So instead of having to go to multiple pages to make donations to Senate candidates, just go to:

Key Senate Races We Can Win - Our list goes to 11 (+1)!

and make your various contributions there on ActBlue.  Many thanks to those of you who've already given.

And please spread the word among your friends.

Thanks, and let's help keep the Senate Democratic. In fact, let's increase our Senate margin by donating to these worthy candidates.

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