Never mind the Kolobian Algebra formula by which 26 / 3 = 50%.

Forget Son of BOSS, that's old news. that was only a way of reducing billions of dollars in profits to zero for purposes of tax reporting.  Nope, Mittens has really stepped up his game in the home stretch of this election cycle.  He has now figured out a way to reduce thousands of deaths to zero.  What a guy.

In an interview with the Columbus (OH) Dispatch today, the former Governor claimed that nobody in America dies for a lack of health insurance.

"We don’t have a setting across this country where if you don’t have insurance, we just say to you, ‘Tough luck, you’re going to die when you have your heart attack,’", he said as he offered more hints as to what he would put in place of "Obamacare," which he has pledged to repeal.

"No, you go to the hospital, you get treated, you get care, and it’s paid for, either by charity, the government or by the hospital. We don’t have people that become ill, who die in their apartment because they don’t have insurance."

Funny, it seems that only a few months ago Rueters reported a study that ... disputes this claim.
"More than 26,000 working-age adults die prematurely in the United States each year because they lack health insurance, according to a study published ahead of a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling on President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law."
In other news:
To clarify his clarification of his reversal of his position that he's now against what he was for but not really until his camping reminded him that he was ... uh... for it. No.  Against it.  Anyway, the position of the hour appeared in yesterday's Des Moines Register.  No wait.  Des Moines was Tuesday.  This was yesterday in... Oh, yeah, Columbus.
"I will take pro-life measures, but those happen to be executive-order and budget measures, as opposed to legislation, at least so far as I’m aware."
So that explains Des Moines when he said he wouldn't seek legislation to criminalize abortion.  Yes, that's perfectly clear.  Of course... those "budget measures" would have to originate in the House... where they craft ...uh... legislation.  But the most chilling thing in this quote is his use of the term "executive order".  So... he's just going to bypass Congress on the way to ... what?  As usual, there are no details available.  I guess we'll have to ask him after the election how he plans to wield that executive authority.  Or, if there is any sanity left in the universe, ask him how he planned to use it.
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