This might be more of a comment than a diary, but I have been thinking about this for a week and need to get this off my mind.

 I am SO tired of hearing from Romney/Ryan that if we are 60 or older we don't have to worry about their proposed changes to Medicare or Social Security because it won't be changing for us older folks.

Let's pretend that their premise is actually true....which I don't for a minute believe.  But let's pretend it is, and that their proposed changes would only effect those younger than we are.

Do they think we don't care about that?  Do they actually think that we are not concerned about the impact of those changes for our younger siblings, our younger friends, our children?  

That's what they seem to think.  And as someone nearly 60, I think it's an insult.  If we lose this battle over the privatization of Medicare and Social Security it will be of no comfort to me to think that while it might not effect me personally it will leave my sister who is now only 50, or my brother who is 49, or my 29 year old son and 28 year old daughter, and my friends who are in their 30's and 40's with a voucher plan instead of a guaranteed medical benefit, or with a Social Security benefit that is vulnerable to the manipulations of Wall Street.

Ok...rant over.   And by the way...I think Joe hit it out of the park tonight.

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