CBS and CNN paid for real scientific polling to gauge victor. -Kos
Oh, Kos, you poor poor kid. You so want that pat on the head from the "sensible" people, don't you.

Poor fool. You'll never learn.

SPECIAL NOTE OF CAUTION #2: The sample of debate-watchers in this poll were 31% Democratic and 33% Republican. That indicates that the sample of debate watchers is about eight points more Republican than an average CNN poll of all Americans, so the respondents were more Republican than the general public.
Kos will I'm sure have some very clever reason why he keeps on legitimizing CNN while people on his website warn him time and time again not to.

But he'll never learn.

And so this website, one of the only sites that has the capability to be a voice of reason... won't be. And so nobody will.

Thanks Kos.

Biden won the debate.

You looked to CNN. You lose the night. You were warned. But you'll never learn. Maybe you'll get some nice cuddles from the traditional media for being such a dutiful member of their bullshit propagation team.

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