I have a good friend who is a Republican (I'm a fierce Dem, but can admit when we sucked, like last week in Denver). Anyway, my GOP friend, whom I really respect for his candor and smarts, was down after the debate because:

1. Even though Biden might have "offended" many with his aggressive behavior, "it's always better to have people talking about how aggressive one guy was, instead of how defensive the other guy was." While my GOP friend didn't think Ryan was defensive so much, he said "Biden dictated the tempo of the debate" - never a good thing for the other guy."
2. Ryan " really fell into a trap on the stimulus", when he admitted to writing Biden a letter asking for stimulus funds." that, he said, was a "gnashing teeth" moment for his side.
3. "Ryan was good, but he threw too many numbers out there that will go over everyone's head", he said. Biden spoke in "plainer language."
4. Ryan was terrible on the Afghanistan war. "Biden talked about being there. Ryan talked like he's never been out of Green Bay or Washington."
5. Ryan was crushed on Medicare. "he said his own grandma was greatly helped by Medicare. You can't say that and then say its a bad program that needs to be overhauled."

All in all, my friend, who was crowing like a rooster after the debate last week, called it a "win for Biden", "as much as I hate saying it."

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