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    With a Jedi Mind trick 47% becomes like COOTIES in Elementary School and nobody want to be tagged with that. The vast coalition of progressive thinking Democrats  consist of a wide swath of Americans in every walk of life. And they are voters for President Obama and they have been hit with a stink bomb thrown from Mitt Romney. Romney accused all of Obama voters as people who don't work for a living, people who don't take responsibility for their own life. And the Independents are feeling it too.

     Taking the 47% comment in to the public starts the water cooler debates. They can now point fingers publicly because Romney introduced it into the dialogue... And who wants to be called poor ? As Romney commonly calls anyone on MEDICARE a program paid into by millions of Americans. Be careful of Greeks bearing gifts or mysterious tapes being leaked into Political campaigns ... Ask Dan Rather... That tape came out for a reason, and it wasn't to fire up Obama voters it is meant to skim a few off the" I don't have the COOTIES Pile"...



Is Mitt Romeny truly trying to divide America on a personla level?

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