House of Ras and ARG up with Florida and NH numbers and not looking good-i am hoping that VP debate will atleast make the slide in Florida halt to some extent. Joe has been really impressive with the seniors there (heck seemed like he was even charming Ryan's mom last night)

Here are the numbers

Florida (Rasmussen Reports) Romney 51 - Obama 47 (even with a 2 point House effect it seems Romney is ahead by 2 points there)
Florida (ARG) Romney 49 - Obama 46 (not sure on the house effect here but will still make a slight Romney edge)

NH (ARG) Romney 50 - Obama 46, NH will always be a tough state to poll and unless you see Obama's margins in other NH polls to 6+ i will consider it a very close state post first Debate

Updated with VA RAS numbers that just came out confirming that VA is probably dead even now, Romeny 49 - Obama 47

In my opinion we are a little behind in Florida while NH should still have a small Obama lead. More worrying is Colorado. Of course winning Florida will seal the deal on Election day along with Ohio but losing Florida, VA and Colorado will make it really tough.
Colorado i am very hopeful we will start to see reversing back to Team Obama in the next few days while VA will be dead even for now

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