Last night was fantastic, and Clinton adds on in Indianapolis

"In my opinion the best thing that the president and the administration has done is the auto deal. And I never call it a dealership. ... When Mr. Ryan said last night that Mr. Romney was a car guy, I thought, well if having an elevator stack of 'em counts, I guess he was."

And now for a couple random thoughts of my own:

A) Pundits are talking about '82 interruptions' etc, but fail to mention that he had to interrupt 82 times to come out with basically equal speaking time, and a lower word count all around. If he had not interrupted, the time would have been incredibly inbalanced, as Ryan was allowed to ramble on several times, and Biden had to come out and demand his equal time at several points.

B)They have Joe the Plumber. We have Joe The Vice President.

9:19 AM PT: TheGuardian.co.uk made a great point in their live thread:

Meanwhile there's apparently no indication, via polling or anecdotal interviews, that actual voters were put off by Biden's performance.* In a culture steeped in Honey Boo Boo, it's hard to imagine that any brusqueness onstage at a vice presidential debate would make it into the basket of what shocks or puts off America. If years of Nielsen ratings have demonstrated anything, it's that Americans like to watch people fight on TV
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