Sometimes, it's hard to undo right-wing talking points because it requires long, detailed, complicated explanations anchored in reality.  

But sometimes, it's not so difficult.  Here are a few gems that me and others have found success with.  They're short, sweet, and to the point.  And they not only counter Republican talking-points, they undermine the premise of the talking-points.  They're frame-breakers.

On trickle-down:  The Republican plan is:  Our government will get out of debt by asking its boss (us) for a pay cut and then going on a spending spree.  Does that sound like a good way to get out of debt?

See? Short and sweet. You can expose the ridiculousness of trickle-down in one sentence, and I've never had a conservative with a good response.

 See more after the squiggle...

On privatizing Social Security: They want to put Social Security funds on the stock market.  That introduces risk.  Risk is the opposite of Security.  They should call their plan Social Risk.

On abortion:  Fetuses don't have the rights of babies because fetuses aren't babies. Even if one day they will be.  We don't let kids buy porn and beer because they'll be adults eventually.  I'm not eligible for Medicare because I will be a senior in the future.  

On the liberal media:  If we had a liberal media, we would never have invaded Iraq.  

On taxes: Nobody wants to pay taxes, but it's your duty, so you do it.  Just like jury duty, or getting drafted--- when your country calls, you step up and grumble about it.

(extended:) I don't know what it is Republicans have against doing our duty...

On progressive taxation: When duty calls, we ask more from those with the most to give and the least to lose.  

(extended:) That's why we draft fit, single 18-year-olds and not 35-year-olds with beer guts, careers, and families to feed.  That's why we release people with essential duties from juries.  That's why millionaires pay higher rates than thousand-aires--- 50% of a million won't make you homeless.  10% of 10,000 will.

On job creators: If the rich want to leave this country instead of doing their duty, I say let 'em go.  This country is full of talented, ambitious people who'd be more than happy to take their place.

On the 47%:  Everyone in this country is a maker and a taker.  The 47% might not pay income tax, but they pay state tax, sales tax, county tax, city tax, property tax, car tax, excise tax, Medicare tax, and Social Security tax.  They pay license fees, registration fees, inspection fees, permit fees, and work license fees.  They pay fines and tariffs, duties and imposts, and all the other little fees and charges that are part of the cost with government service.  We all chip in, and we all get some back.

And one last one for the road (warning: this one might offend you):

On blaming Bush/GOP for present economy : If my wife ran up a huge credit card bill and then left me, and stuck me with the bills, and then she sabotaged every job interview I took to get a better salary to pay those bills...  well, I'd still be blaming the bitch. Wouldn't you?  

Disclaimer: I know this one sounds sexist, but you can replace the language and the spouse if you like, and get the point across.  I worded it this way to put it to some macho Texas guys, and use their chauvinist victim complex against them. Especially with the `men's right's' crowd.  I'm not above the subtle use of their own prejudices to craft an argument so they can see who's really playing them for a fool. But I understand if you wouldn't want to.

Originally posted to Curious Kansan on Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 02:26 PM PDT.

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