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Last night's debate went as he expected it to, according to Paul Ryan:

Asked by a reporter during the brief stop at Josie’s Grab and Go whether he felt “knocked around’ during the Centre College debate, Ryan replied, “No, it was what I expected.”
Despite his evisceration, he also apparently "feel[s] great" about how he did last night.

Adding to the amusement is the whining from Republican spinners about how Vice President Biden was constantly interrupting Rep. Ryan's lies... oops, I mean well-reasoned, factual, arguments.

This tweet — the tweet of the night, in my opinion — captured exactly what happened and exactly why Vice President Biden's debate performance rocked:

And while there are the attempts to call last night a draw from certain quarters of the media, we don't need them, and we don't need any skewed CNN polls, to try and change what really happened.  Vice President eviscerated, destroyed, decimated — take your pick of adjectives to communicate the one-sidedness — Congressman Ryan last night.  It also provided a template for exactly what President Obama needs to do to Mitt Romney in the final two debates.  Two performances like that from the president and this race will be completely over and the only real question will be about President Obama's coattails.

In the meantime, we cannot afford to be complacent, so please support President Obama and our fellow Democrats.

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