First you've got Romney this morning going after Joe Biden for "Doubling-Down in Denial" on the Security Issues surrounding the Benghazi Attack. http://firstread.nbcnews.com/...

Mitt Romney seized Friday on Vice President Joe Biden's characterization of the administration's handling of last month's terrorist attack in Libya, accusing the administration of contradicting itself and "doubling down on denial."

"The vice president directly contradicted the sworn testimony of State Department officials," Romney said at a rally in Richmond, Va. "He's doubling down on denial."

Actually no, he didn't. Biden didn't deny the claim the Tripoli Embassy had some security concerns (such as retaining a Private DC-3 for their use in Tripoli - which wouldn't have helped them defend against an attack in another city), he said "We [the White House] didn't Know".. and that's true as Jay Carney today explained.


Carney reinforced Vice President Joe Biden's assertion during Thursday's debate that neither Biden nor the president was informed about requests for additional security in Benghazi ahead of the attack on Sept. 11. And he said decisions about security levels there -- and at thousands of other U.S. missions around the world -- are "appropriately" made by security professionals at the State Department.
So, I'm thinking the White House is going to Stay on this position - rather than Double-Down because it happens to be the truth.

Most of the security issues expressed in the Issa hearing this week wasn't about a lack of support from the White House, it was between mid-level management inside the State Department itself.

Additionally the information that the attack "started as a demonstration" didn't come from the State Dept either, it apparent came from the Intel Community as Biden described.

"The intelligence community told us that," Biden said during his Thursday night debate with GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). "As they learned more facts about exactly what happened, they changed their assessment."
This of course explains why Ambassador Susan Rice said the same thing on Meet The Press and the White House corrected her Four Days Later.  The State Dept had people on the ground and video of the incident that CIA & DIA et al, didn't have.

And simply because again, Biden told the truth, Eric Cantor has decided to attack him for it. http://thehill.com/...

"I certainly hope there's more discussion about that because Joe Biden was quick to roll the CIA under the bus," he said of the incident. The administration later said the attack was planned by terrorists, not a result of protests against the video.

"I think this is also reflective of the relationship that the White House has had with the CIA," he added. "And it left the American people with more unanswered questions. The question is, why did the White House ignore the request for more security, how did all this happen in the first place? What is going on? Are we able to operate and secure our embassies?"

Dude, it wasn't at an Embassy, it was a the Consulate in a completely different city.  They didn't ask for more Security at the Consolate, they asked to keep their plane longer at the Embassy.  And oh-by-the way Eric Cantor voted for the Ryan Budget which cut $300 Million from Embassy Security, so exactly what is his point - "the Administration make an Executive Decision to use the resources we were taking away from them that wouldn't have made a difference in this particular attack?"

What's the point of explaining something to people who - because of their partisan bent - can't resist the disgusting urge to turn a horrible tragedy into a Political Hacky-Sack Ball?

But then again what else what you expect from a pack of cheap shameless political hucksters and grifters - aka The Modern GOP - who can't resist trying to grand-stand over the bodies of dead Americans just to gain some political points?

It practically reaks of the very definition of Un-American Activities.


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