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Here are your nominations for Hell to Pay for this, the first week of the last month of the 2012 campaign. Thanks to politicalceci and grover for making a very convincing case for including the odious Dan Lungren in today's voting, just basically on principle. When you see what the NRCC did to Lungren's opponent Ami Bera this week, you'll want revenge, too.
  • There was a Senate debate in Connecticut this week, which didn't go so well for Republican Linda McMahon against our guy, Chris Murphy. In fact, the Journal Inquirer, says it was pretty much brutal.
    It is hard to know what to say about McMahon. In terms of public policy she remains a blank slate. She cannot think about politics or government on her feet, or anywhere else. She does not wish to. She gives the impression of someone who has memorized talking points and doesn't know the difference between them and actual thoughts or policy positions. She seems to know less about the federal government than a decent high school student. It makes her candidacy shocking and depressing.
    Here's one thing you can be sure of: She thinks Social Security should have an expiration date. Check out this exchange she had back in 2010 on Social Security with the Hartford Courant editorial board. Asked, "Do you imagine my children getting Social Security?" she answered, “HA! Next question.”
    McMahon's position is radical even by Republican standards. There's no place in the Senate for one more Social Security killer.
  • Rep. Dan Lungren is one of the most endangered of Republicans, in a tight rematch with Dr. Ami Bera. In 2010, a flood of outside money erased his down-the-stretch gain in the polls. That outside money is pouring into the race again. The NRCC just put in more than $500,000 in ads against Bera this week, including this one which accuses him of breaking his Hippocratic oath. Why? Because he thinks people should have affordable health insurance.
    Notice how dark and menacing Bera looks in that ad. Notice also how Bera is held responsible for Obamacare, even though he wasn't in office to vote on it. Notice also the $716 billion Medicare lie. This attack ad hits every single attack ad cliche in just 30 seconds. With a buy of a half a million, it's going to be in front of California voters a lot. On behalf of all those poor voters, let's make Lungren pay.
  • As bad as that ad is, it doesn't top the mailer that Allen West is blanketing FL-18 with, accusing Patrick Murphy of receiving support from terrorists who want to destroy Israel. Here's what it says about Murphy, in part:
    At a time when there's so much danger and uncertainty in the Middle East, we need leaders who will stand up for Israel. Unfortunately, there are some in America who are weakening that commitment, and they support Patrick Murphy.
    President Obama, who hasn't visited Israel once during his entire term in office, supports Patrick Murphy. An anti-Israel group that received funding from billionaire George Soros and whose co-founder met with Hamas also endorse him. Murphy's Super PAC even took $100,000 from an alleged sponsor of terrorism against Israel.
    Invoking President Obama and George Soros? West's fevered, conspiracy-theory addled brain got the best of him on this one. But that's no excuse.
  • Josh Mandel, the hapless opponent to Sherrod Brown, gets special mention for being the complete embodiment of Republican hubris. The party's nominee to the United States Senate is utterly unqualified, and completely unaware of just how deeply out of his element he is. On top of that, he's insufferably arrogant in his ignorance. So arrogant that he thinks it's his job to lecture editorial boards and interviewers who are asking him about, you know, issues. He had that disastrous editorial board meeting with the Youngstown Vindicator, then followed it up with a radio interview that was, if possible, even worse. Canton-area radio host Ron Ponder was trying to get Mandel to answer questions about cronyism in the state treasurer's office. It didn't go so well, ending with this (after much back and forth in which Mandel accused Ponder of working for Sen. Brown):
    Mandel: Ron we have qualified financial professionals in our office...
    Ponder: Josh, is it yes or no?

    Mandel: Sherrod Brown's the only candidate, the only candidate in this race, his transition director...

    Ponder: Josh, just answer the question.

    (After receiving no answers)

    Ponder: Hang up on this dude, man.

    I think that's the first time I've ever heard a major party candidate for Senate booted off the radio for being a total asswipe. I like it. He makes this week's list for the sheer entertainment value.

So there you go, this week's Hell to Pay nominees. Who do you think deserves to have their ass kicked for crimes against democracy this week with our support for their opponent?


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